The VTP pumps are normally designed to operate in wells or sumps. The bowl assembly consists primarily of a suction case or bell, one or more pump bowls, and a discharge case. The number of stages (bowls) employed is determined by the head requirements of the installation. The pump bowl assembly is positioned in the sump or well at a depth to provide the proper submergence.

  • Multi-stage vertical centrifugal pumps with diffuser type bowl.
  • Semi-Open / enclosed impellers.
  • Double suction first stage impeller available for ultra low NPSHR applications.
  • Counter clockwise rotation viewed from coupling end.
  • Basket or Conical strainer according to pump requirements.
  • Fabrications according to API-610 latest edition available upon request.

  • Capacity up to 13,636 m³/h (60,000 U.S. gpm).
  • Head up to 762 m (2,500 ft).
  • Maximum Pressure 74 bar (1,080 psi).
  • Temperature 0 to 121 ºC (32 to 250 ºF).


  • Cast Iron Bowls.
  • Aluminum Bronze Impellers.
  • 416 SS Shafting.
  • Integrity cast wear surfaces with optional wear rings in Bronze or SS.
  • Optional materials available on request.


  • Carbon Steel Pipe – Threaded or Flanged.
  • AISI – 1045 Carbon Steel or 416 SS Line Shafting.
  • Optional Materials available on request.

Discharge Head:

  • Cast Iron with 125# ANSI FF Flanges.
  • Fabricated Steel with 150# nor 300# ANSI Flanges (optional).
  • Custom fabricated discharge head to meet your criteria is available.

Bearing Material:

  • Bronze as Standard.
  • Other materials and configurations available.

  • Deep well
  • Irrigation
  • Sumps
  • Condensate
  • Can pump requirements
  • Fire Service
  • Municipal
  • Industrial.


  • VTP

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