Vertical turbine generators are actually reverse running pumps which when the flow that runs through the pump is reversed, the impeller starts turning in the other direction and the pump operates as a turbine. The motor that drives the pump can work also as a generator; when it’s working as a turbine, it collects the mechanical energy and transforms it into electricity. The VTG is particularly suited to where the head and flow are consisteng, and its main purpose is to fill small hydroelectric needs, and others.

  • Multi stage vertical centrifugal pump.
  • Enclosed and open impeller available.
  • Bearings are product lubricated.
  • Different types of turbines for different.
  • operation conditions.
  • Pump or turbine usage applications.
  • Available for sump or closed system applications.

  • Capacity up to 6,626 m³/h (29,174 U.S. GPM).
  • Head to 1,067 m (3,500 ft).
  • Pressure up to 105 bar (1,523 PSI).
  • Temperature -185 to 121°C (-300 to 250°F).

Depending on materials and size of the turbine; higher pressures or head are possible, please contact Ruhrpumpen.


  • Semi-open runners which are axially adjustable from the operating floor level.
  • Good efficiency and good choke-flow characteristics.
  • Discharge may be open into a sump, or into a barrel in a closed system.
  • API 610 latest edition construction available.

  • Hydroelectric generators.
  • Industrial systems.
  • Water transportation systems.
  • Dams.
  • Reverse Osmosis.
  • Oil supply systems.
  • Chemical & petrochemical processes.
  • Cryogenic closed systems.


  • VTG

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