LEME – SIHIextruvac

The SIHIextruvac is applied to the handling and exhausting of dry and humid gases. These pumps are applied in all fields where a pressure of 100 to 900 mbar must be created by robust vacuum pumps. The SIHIextruvac (or LEME) is specially designed to handle additional water that is exhaust through the suction inlet.

During operation the pump must continuously be supplied with service liquid, normally water, in order to eliminate the heat resulting from the gas compression and to replenish the liquid ring, because part of the liquid is leaving the pump together with the gas. It is possible to reuse the service liquid. The pumps are equipped with a device by which the contaminated service liquid can continuously be drained during operation (dirt drain), if necessary.

SIHIextruvac Features:

  • non-polluting due to nearly isothermal compression
  • oil-free, as no lubrication in the working chamber
  • handling of nearly all gases and vapours
  • able to handle water carry over
  • wide choice of material for application versatility
  • easy maintenance and reliable operation
  • low noise and nearly free from vibration
  • shaft not contact with the medium
  • protection against cavitation as standard
  • incorporated central drain
  • incorporated dirt drain
  • no metallic contact of the rotating parts

Technical Data:
Capacity: 70 ACFM to 100 ACFM
Vacuum: to 27″ Hg.
Temperature: 212°F (100°C)
Materials: High grade cast iron (ASTM A48 CL 30) with Red Brass impeller, stainless steel intermediate, Stainless Steel/Teflon Valve Assembly, and Carbon Steel/Carbon/Buna Elastomers Mechanical Seal

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