he type CEH (low NPSH) pumps, are a combination of our normal self-priming side channel pumps with the addition of an initial centrifugal stage. The pump construction utilizes the long proven multi-stage design with the suction horizontal into the eye of the impeller and vertical discharge. The inlet stage is a centrifugal stage; with a full admission impeller of closed design, making possible an optimum suction requirement and thus superior low NPSH performance. NPSH values are as low as 0.5ft. in some instances.

Additional performance is achieved by the open impeller stages behind the inlet stage; each generates stage pressures many times that of a standard centrifugal pump running at the same speed. The special design of the stages provides excellent gas handling capabilities. CEH pumps are particularly suitable for handling liquefied gases such as propane, butane, and liquefied natural gas for example.

• Low NPSH required
• Non vapor locking
• Self-priming after initial fill
• Low flow – Medium to high heads
• Low speed – Long life
• Floating impellers
• Reduce Wear
• Minimal Axial thrust
• Suction Lifts Over 25 feet
• Many Choices of shaft sealing arrangements
• Compact, Quiet, Reliable

Technical Data:
Capacity: to 160 GPM (to 36 M³/Hr)
Heads: to 1000-FT. (305 m)
Temperature: to 350oF (180oC)
Pressure: to 580 PSIG (40 bar)
Speeds: to 1750 RPM

Note: Applications exceeding these ranges, please consult Factory

Process engineering

• Boiler feeding service
• Condensate return
• Pressure boosting
• Marine Service

Accessories: An optional magnetic coupling is available for the CEH if required for seal-less applications.

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