Package Systems: Standard Compressor Systems – DGS Series (Digester Gas)

The DGS Series is a complete system, fully assembled with a liquid ring compressor, a motor, service liquid lines, accessories, and separator tank. The system is designed with stainless steel construction to withstand carryover of corrosive digester gases, as well as gases containing particulates such as foam, sludge and scum. Standard mechanical shaft seals eliminate routine stuffing box adjustments and reduce housecleaning requirements.otc-once_through

Used where service liquid is plentiful, contamination is not a problem and maximum
gas discharge cleanliness is required.

• Simplicity
• Lowest initial cost
• Purest dischargedgs-largo

Technical Data:
• Capacity in SCFM, at inlet pressure at sea level of air at 68°F (20°C) using 59°F (15°C) water
as service liquid, with atmospheric discharge pressure.
• Direct or Closed coupled
• Handling Methane and SO2 Gases

Note: Units to 452 SCFM, For larger units please consult Factory.

Materials: A wide range of materials and construction

Accessories: Available upon request

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