ztninternaLiquid Pumps Centrifugal horizontal volute of a stage, connections and dimensions according to DIN 24255 / EN 733, plus 19 Transnorm sizes. The design of the pump allows removal of the complete rotor unit by coupling side without removing the pipes. If a coupling distance piece, it is not necessary to move the motor. The range consists of 50 sizes with only 5 different media.

Technical Data

Maximum flow 1000 m 3 / h
Maximum Height 90 mts
Maximum speed 3500 rpm/td>
Casing pressure PN16, PN25
Maximum Temperature 350 ° C
Materials construction Ductile
Types of shaft sealing Mechanical seal, retainers Viton or magnetic coupling
Variations Monoblock
Applications Power boilers, heating, cooking, heat transfer processes, etc..
Origin Spain