Inline Pumps feature a space saving, back pull-out design which allows versatile applications in a wide range of industries. ANSI pumps meet the requirements of ANSI B73.2.

  • Top Pull-Out Simplifies Maintenance Complete rotating assembly easily removed for inspection without disturbing piping.
  • Dual Purpose Jack Screws Built-in jack screws simplify removal and protect mechanical seal during disassembly.
  • Protected Shaft One-piece shaft assures sustained positive alignment of complete pump-motor rotating element, eliminates couplings and minimizes shaft deflection.

  • Capacity up to 273 m³/h (1,200 U.S. GPM).
  • Head to 119 m (390 ft).
  • Pressure up to 24 bar (350 PSI).
  • Temperature To 177°C (To 350°F).

Depending on materials and size of the turbine; higher pressures or head are possible, please contact Ruhrpumpen.


  • Casing – Flanged suction and discharge on common centerline. Integral onepiece unit suitable for in-line or pedestal mounting. Designed for working pressures up to 350 PSI with 1/8” corrosion allowance.
  • Bronze Impeller – Fully enclosed, balanced, one-piece design.
  • Packing Box Cover – Unique throughbolt design reduces stress on adapter attachment.
  • Front Wear Rings on all models. Rear Wear Rings on certain models.
  • Manual Vent Plug – To ensure positive lubrication at start up.
  • Packing Rings.
  • Pressure Gauge tappings at suction and discharge fl anges.
  • Drain Plug.
  • Bronze Motor Shaft Sleeve.

  • Chemical.
  • Petrochemical, Petroleum, Coal.
  • Fiber.
  • Pulp and Paper.
  • Food and Beverage.
  • Pharmaceutical Fats and Oils.
  • Soap.
  • Paint.
  • Automotive.
  • Primary Metal.
  • Rubber.
  • Metal.
  • Fabrication.
  • Utility.


  • IIL
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The majority of the Ruhrpumpen product catalog has been loaded into GPS. Many lines are available for immediate access without requiring a login. Those product lines shown in gray are only available with a user account.

In addition to the curve selection capability available for public access, GPS provides Ruhrpumpen the ability to generate complete quotation packages internally. This will allow faster responses to customer inquiries.

While GPS is a powerful tool it cannot handle all situations. Certain product lines and conditions are beyond the capabilities of anything but an experienced Application Engineer. Please contact Ruhrpumpen for assistance with any application, small or large.

Usage note: GPS will launch new sessions or pop-ups for user option selection and other functions. Your browser’s pop-up settings may require adjustment for these to function properly.

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