Ruhrpumpen provides specially designed hoists for decoking services. Hoists can be provided with Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic drives.


  • Pull force and pull speed site specific design will provide trouble free operation in conjunction with other Ruhrpumpen components (AutoSwitch CuttingTool, Drill Stem Drive and Cross Head with Freefall Arrestor).
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for electric hoists.
  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) for hydraulic hoists.
  • 5/8” or 3/4” Wire Rope with 24” diameter pulley block system diam.

  • Heavy duty design for decoking service.
  • 3 brake system motor / working / safety brake.
  • Roller device for spooling wire rope on hoist drum.
  • Slack rope device spring loaded, connected to PLC.
  • Wire Rope tension monitoring load cell

In addition of being able to provide hoists, our DCU Service and Repair Centers can provide parts and perform service for all of our existing equipment such as AutoSwitch Combination Cutting Tools, Crossheads with FreeFall Arrestors, Decoking Valves, Isolation Valves, Drill Stem Drives and Jet Pumps.

  • ATEX, UL, CSA.
  • For Class I Div. II C/D (US).
  • EEXnA (EU).


  • Pull Force max. hoist 48kN / 10600lbf.
  • Pull Speed max. hoist 72m/min / 236ft/min.
  • Pull Force max. CH 192 kN / 42400lbf.
  • Pull Speed max. CH 18m/min / 59ft/min.
  • Rope Diameter 16 to 18 mm / 5/8” to 3/4”.
  • Power Requirement 40kW / 50 HP.
  • Hydraulic 160 l/min / 42 GPM.
  • Operation pressure hydr. 200 bar / 3,000 psi.

The Global Proposal System (GPS) is Ruhrpumpen’s Internet based pump selection system. GPS allows customers to quickly make accurate and detailed pump selections. As it is Internet based, no software is required on the local computer. By entering a set of operating conditions into GPS, all pumps matching those conditions can easily be displayed. From there a performance curve with operating conditions can be created and saved.

The majority of the Ruhrpumpen product catalog has been loaded into GPS. Many lines are available for immediate access without requiring a login. Those product lines shown in gray are only available with a user account.

In addition to the curve selection capability available for public access, GPS provides Ruhrpumpen the ability to generate complete quotation packages internally. This will allow faster responses to customer inquiries.

While GPS is a powerful tool it cannot handle all situations. Certain product lines and conditions are beyond the capabilities of anything but an experienced Application Engineer. Please contact Ruhrpumpen for assistance with any application, small or large.

Usage note: GPS will launch new sessions or pop-ups for user option selection and other functions. Your browser’s pop-up settings may require adjustment for these to function properly.

Public GPS AccessCustomer GPS AccessDistributer GPS Access
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73_BHydraulic-Decoking-System. Charge Pump, Pit Pump, Coke-Cutting Pump, Crosshead, Drill Stem Drive. Download

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icono_OilGasPublication in Oil&Gas magazine of how to drive a modern coke cutting system. Download

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