NM Mag drive

Magnetic coupled DICKOW-Pumps of series NM are of sealless design. The containment shell forms a closed system with hermetically sealed liquid end.

Mag drive NM-pumps are designed to improve plant and personnel safety, especially when handling toxic, explosive or other danger ous liquids which react on contact with the atmos phere. For all these services the containment shell replaces double acting mechanical seals, along with external fluid reservoirs and the necessary control equipment. NM-pumps therefore offer exceptional benefits to the chemical, petrochemical and allied industries and fulfill all environment protection regulations.
Maximum operating temperature 240°C (465°F) for the standard NMB/NML-type. The NMW-design with no internal circulation and dead-ended magnet end allows temperatures up to 400°C (750°F). The maximum allowable working pressure is 25 bar (364 psi).

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