nclDICKOW-NCL-pumps are used where ever aggressive liquid is handled at extreme temperatures and where
the shaft sealing must meet utmost requirements. NCL-pumps are suitable for a temperature range of –40°C
up to 350°C (–40°F up to 662°F) and an operating pressure up to 40 bar. For design with open impeller refer
to 3.2.6. Common shaft sealing systems are available for the different pumped liquids.

For the defined use of the pump it is absolutely necessary that the pump is constantly filled with liquid. The
maximum speed is determined with 2900 rpm at 50 cycles and with 3500 rpm at 60 cycles.

The model NCL is a single flow, single stage volute casing pump of back-pull-out design with end suction
flange and vertical discharge flange. The flange to flange dimensions meet the standards of DIN EN 22858.
Disassembly of the rotating hydraulic part is possible without removing the suction casing from the piping.
If spacer-type couplings are used, the drive motor can remain on the baseplate while the hydraulic part is
being disassembled.