Ruhrpump Today

With strategically located manufacturing plants, operating offices and service centers in many parts of the world, Ruhrpump is a global pump company with the strength to focus on the local necessities of each client.

b-mpManufacturing Plants
1. Witten, Germany
2. Tulsa, USA
3. Orland, USA
4. Monterrey, México
5. Cairo, Egypt
6. Buenos Aires, & Argentina.
7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (coming 2012)
8. Chennai, India    (coming 2013)
b-soSales Offices
b-scService Center
1. Witten, Germany
2. Wilhelmshaven, Germany
3. Buenos Aires, Argentina
4. Celaya, México
5. San Luis Potosí, Mexico
6. Monterrey, México
7. Coatzacoalcos, México
8. Houston, TX USA
9. Baton Rouge, LA USA
10. Tulsa, USA
11. Orland, USA
12. Edmonton, AB Canada
13. Suez, Egypt
14. Hampton, VA, USA

We engineer, design, manufacture & supply centrifugal pumps for many different applications. The most common applications are the following, but our service is not limited to these:
• Oil Fields
• Terminals
• Crude oil and Finished Product Pipelines
• Refineries
• Petrochemical and Chemical Plants
• Offshore Platforms, FPSO’s etc
• Conventional Power Stations
• Combined Cycle Power Plants
• Coal Gasification Plants
• Municipal Water Supply
• General Industry
• Municipal and Industrial Water Management
• Drinking Water Pumping Stations
• Water Pipelines
• Municipal and Industrial Sewage Systems
• Ship Building
• General Industrial Services
• Solar Energy Plants

The visionary leadership raised us to our current level of excellence. Our pumps and satisfied clients can be found in more than 90 countries. Ruhrpump is commited to growth.